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Benefits Of Sitting Straight – How To Sit Straight For A Long Time?

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Benefits Of Sitting Straight – How To Sit Straight For A Long Time?

Sitting straight has mental, physical and social benefits. It helps in even distribution of weight, down the spine, it improves concentration and it shows that you are ‘alert and active’. Let us explore benefits of sitting straight and how to sit straight for long time. 

Benefits of sitting straight: 

Improves Concentration - Sitting straight has direct positive effect over concentration. All the Yoga postures, Pranayama requires you to sit straight.

Memory –  I personally have seen  my friend who used to sit all the time having razor sharp memory. Sitting straight helps to improve all aspects of brain power, including memory.

Agility – People who sit straight are more agile and ready for work. It gives a look of active body and mind.

Free prana flow – Yoga explains that sitting straight helps in free flow of energy through the six points (Chakra) of spine.

How to sit straight up? 

While the idea of sitting straight is encouraging, we tend to fail to sit straight for a long period of time. It needs practice and it needs some back strength.

Sleep with a pillow beneath lower back 

How To Sit Straight - 1

Just for 10 minutes, keep a thin smooth pillow beneath lower back and sleep.

This helps to stretch back and helps to keep back straight for a long period of time while you sit.

Sit with a pillow at lower back

or use a chair with forward bulge at the level of lower back. This helps to stretch back naturally.

How to sit straight - 2

Practice Pranayama 

Regular practice of Pranayama makes your body straight and tight. It helps to maintain your body (and mind) to keep maintain tightness, effortlessly.

Yoga postures 

There are many easy – to – follow Yogasanas like Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana which helps to stretch and keep the back straight for a ling time.

Neck and arm exercises

Too keep the back straight, muscles and ligaments right from the neck till the sacrum needs to be strong. Rotatory arm movements, rotating neck exercises help to strengthen the total length of back.

Oil massage 

Regular oil massage with Ayurvedic oil like Maha Narayana tailam helps to improve back strength.

Keep the chair close to the table 

While try to keep the table very close to your body. This makes you avoid leaning forward. Make sure that the computer screen or the book is at the level of your eyes so that there is no need to bend forward.

Use a lumbar belt
Using a lumbar belt gives that extra support in the initial attempts of yours to sit straight.

So, do something to make your back straight and enjoy the unlimited benefits.


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