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7 Mobile Apps That Share Your Personal Data And May Steal Your Money

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7 Mobile Apps That Share Your Personal Data And May Steal Your Money

  Description: Mobile market grows and there are billions of mobile apps out there, but there are lots of harmful as well, always check what you are about to install.

Mobile apps market grows really fast and millions of developers try to raise some money on making and selling their applications using Google Play or AppStore, but frankly speaking sometimes it turn into growth not in quality, but in quantity. There are hundreds of applications out there that can be really harmful to your privacy. They gather and share your personal information and sometimes even steal money from your accounts. Those apps have an unauthorized access to your personal data, hidden trap-banners and they can send messages to short phone numbers with a high tariffication. That’s why we decided to create a list of the most dangerous applications for all three major mobile operational systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Foodspotting (Android, iOS, WP)
It’s a rather popular app that helps to choose the closest cafe or a restaurant. It can also sort them by a cuisine they offer and other parameters. But that application sends your email address, your cell phone ID and other statistical data to an analytic Internet service Flurry.

Barcode scanner (WP, iOS)
That app cannot read all the barcodes as its developers claim, but it is able to read your personal data and the IMEI of your mobile phone. Also that app contains trap-banners and clicking them will subscribe you to some prepaid services. All the gathered info is used to analyze your shopping habits to provide you with  the most relevant ads.

Tiny Flashlight (Android)
That app turns your smartphone into a flashlight and it lights thanks to LED display backlight and the photoflash. It really lights, but as well that app has an unlimited Internet access, reads your contact list and IMEI. An unlimited Internet access is probably used for sharing this data with third party.

CoPilot Live Premium (Android, iOS)
Developers claim that this app will turn your smartphone or a tablet into a high-end GPS navigator, but that app also can change your system settings and dial phone numbers. And it also gathers your contacts. Interesting fact here is that that it has full network access and sends all the gathered information to a third parties.

Honey Player (Android)
That app is a simple music player and it secretly gathers your login to social networks. It also has an Internet access to share that data. The app also crashes really frequently.

MusicID (Android, iOS)
That application is able to look for music by the part of its lyrics and defines the artist and the name of the song itself. It also looks for your coordinates with your GPS module and is able to write and delete files from the physical memory of the mobile gadget.

QR Droid (Android)
QR Droid uses the camera of your smartphone to read QR-codes. It also gathers your personal information including all your contacts and browsing history. It also has an unlimited Internet access       and shares that data with third parties. You should also be aware of the fact that it is able to modify and delete the data at the physical memory of the device.


So now you see that there are really lots of harmful apps for various mobile OS’s. It is hard to avoid them all, but always check the app you are about to install. This will surely protect you from loosing not only personal data, but a money from your account.


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