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Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth

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Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth

Scientists are the people who have modernized the human race. They are the one who taught us that the sun rises from the east, the earth is round and not flat, what lies below this land and above this sky, why is the sky blue in color, why do the stars shine, why can a bird fly and not a human, etc. Many such questions were answered and many more were discovered, researched and solved. Scientists are those, who discovered the facts based on which we live today. They have not only invented many things but they have also proved the theories of this universe through their intensive work and calculations. There are many scientists all around the world who have done many inventions and researches. So here is the list of the best scientist born on this earth.
10. Aristotle
aristotle Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Aristotle is a much known philosopher as well as a poly math who belonged to Greek. He was the tutor of Alexandra the Great. He not only contributed in math and physics but has also done great works in poetry, biology, music, theatre, zoology government and ethics. He was born in 384 BC. His father was a physician who worked in the court of king Amyntas III. He has learnt most of the knowledge related to medical field from his father. Aristotle was the most lovable student of famous Greek philosopher, Plato. He has done many findings in natural science. He died in 322 BC. He has also studied astronomy. He formulated many ideas like planets are spherical in shape and he also thought that earth do not move round the sun. these ideas were not based on mathematical calculations and proved wrong later on.

9. Sir Isaac Newton
issac newton 246x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Sir Isaac Newton was a very well known mathematician as well as a physicist. He was born in the year 1642. He was also an astronomer as well as an alchemist. Who is not aware of the Gravitational law? Newton is the person who gave the concept of gravity. Not only this, Newton also formulated the three laws of motion. These proofs and laws made a very big change in the science field. When it comes to mechanical science Newton has done very great work in the field of optics. He did researches on stars and light. He belonged to a family of farmers. His father was dead when he was born. He died in the year 1727. The story behind the discovery of gravitational field is very well known. He was sitting in a graveyard when he saw an apple falling off a tree. He thought why did the apple fell down and didn’t go up in the air. That was the time he started working on this law.
8. Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei z3 300x263 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Galileo Galilei was born on 15 February in the year 1564. He was born in Pisa in Italy. Galileo was a very famous Italian philosopher, mathematician, astronomer as well as physicist. He is very well known for the improvements he did in the telescope. He is also famous for his astronomy. He is called as the Father of modern science, physics and astronomy. His father worked as a trader of wool and he was also a musician. It was Galileo who proved Aristotle view that heavier objects took more time to reach the ground when compared to the lighter one wrong. He proved that both heavy and light object fell on the same time on the ground when thrown from a height. He died in the year 1642. His great writing work includes Two New Sciences.
7. Charles Robert Darwin
robert darwin 248x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Charles Robert Darwin was born on 12thFebruary in the year 1809. He was born in England to a very rich and well known family. He was the most controversial scientist of that time. He gave the concept of evolution and formulated the theory of survival of the fittest. According to him the life form that was best suited for a particular type of environment was able to survive the place , and was able to reproduce. His famous book On the Origin of Species by the Means of Natural Selection was which he wrote in the year 1859 changed the way of thinking of people about how life came on earth. He has done many researches in different places all around the world. People of Church opposed him as he said that men have evolved from Apes which changed the exsiting theory of how world was created.
6. Albert Einstein
einstein 300x292 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Albert Einstein was born on 14thMarch in the year 1879. He was born in Ulm in Germany. He is a very popular scientist and physic known all around the globe. In spite of having learning disability he became a very popular scientist. It is said he was not able to read till the age of eight. He has received a Nobel Prize for his work in Physics. He is known for the theory of Relativity. He also gave the mass energy equivalence formula. He also explained the photoelectric effect for which he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in the year 1921. He also gave the theory of Brownian motion. He was very deterministic to solve the problems of physics. He was fond of music.
5. Thomas Edison
thomasedison 228x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Thomas Alva Edison was born on 11 February in the year 1847. He was born in Ohio in United States. He was not only a businessman but also a great known American inventor.  Everyone must be aware of his great inventions which include light bulb, motion picture camera and phonograph. He has also done many inventions in the field of telecommunications. He invented battery for mechanical car, electronic vote recorders, stock ticker and many other things. He has hearing impairments. He also worked as a telegraph operator. He was very fond of reading books. He was married to Mary Stilwell in the year 1871. He is also known for the invention of the telegraph system. He produced his inventions and manufactured it for the use of common people in the world.
4. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta
volta 300x228 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was born on 18thFebruary in the year 1875. He was born in Italy. He was a very well known Italian Physicist. He is famous for his work of development of the batter. He worked as a professor and taught Physics in Royal school in his hometown. He is known to be the founder of electric age. He also made improvement in device that was used to produce static electricity. He is the one who has invented capacitance and it is believed that it is on his name that the electric potential unit volt is named.  The battery is invented was the first electrochemical cell. He died in the year 1827. He followed Christianity as his religion. He also discovered methane gas.
3. Stephen Hawking
stephen hawking images 300x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Steven Hawkins was born on 8 January in the year 1942. He was born in England. He was not only a physicist but also an author and a cosmologist. He has done great works in the field of quantum relativity. He is said to be the next best scientist after Albert Einstein. He gave the theory about the black body radiation. His famous work was on the explanation of black hole theory. He is paralyzed yet he teaches at University of Cambridge. He is a great professor of Mathematics.
2. Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur 9434402 1 402 300x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Louis Pasteur was born on 27 December in the year 1822. He was born in France. He is a very well known microbiologist as well as chemist. He has done many researches to know the causes of many diseases and how to prevent from these diseases. He is the one who gave the germ theory related to the diseases. He also discovered that there are certain types of viruses which cannot be seen through the microscope. He gave birth in a poor tanner family. He has also done remarkable work in chemistry field too. he also found a way to make milk secure for people called pasteurization.
1. Guglielmo Marchese Marcon
Guglielmo Marchese Marconi 184x300 Top 10 Best Scientists ever Born on Earth
Guglielmo Marchese Marconi was born on 25 April in the year 1874. He was born in Bologna in Italy. His father was a landlord. Marconi is known for his great invention of wireless radio transmission. He also invented radio telegraph system. He is also recognized as the inventor of radio. He was honored by awarding the Nobel prize in Physics which was because of the contribution he made in the field of wireless telegraphy.

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