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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World

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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World

When we go for a tour in any country or city, we wish to uncover every nook and corner of the place. We go to all the famous place, the famous places are famous because they both have something erotic in them, something very unique and peculiar which none of the other places have, it can be the enticing geographical location, the awesome weather, the pleasant scenery, the pulchritudinous architecture, some unique cultural & religious values or maybe a very horrible past attached. Yes there are many famous places which known worldwide only because of the atrocious tale which is linked to it.
A human is a combination of two things; body and soul. Body is just a casing which we wear to protect our soul. Up there in heaven God created the soul first and then he put the soul in the materialistic body and sends it to the earth. When a person dies, the soul is taken out of the body, the body is either buried or enflamed which leaves the soul alone. There are two worlds; first is the materialistic one in which we live in present and second is the spiritual world in which we would be living after death, death is the barrier which exist between these two worlds, to go from one world to the other one needs to overcome this barrier called death. Death is very easy, quick and peaceful; it is the idea of going to an unknown place which makes it sound so harsh, it is the pain which you endure while dying makes death abhorrent.
Sometimes the circumstances of the death are so horrible that soul does not become able to fully depart, some part of the soul remains attached to this world, a desire, a wish, something which is so strong that it does not permit the soul to leave this world. Heaven is the place where all the souls were created, this world is just material cage and souls remain restless all the time, the soul wants to depart from this world and wants to go back to its real and eternal home, however when the soul becomes enable to depart, it become even more restless. God of course knows that these wild souls if left unbounded would make the life of the rest of the living beings horrible, therefore he ordered these souls to remain only at some particular places, these places are mostly the ones where they were killed. The livings when find out about these souls, out of curiosity they try to discover the existence of these souls, and when they do, they call it mysterious.

There are many places like that which have yet been discovered, so the top ten most haunted and scary places in the world are:
10. Borley Rectory, England:
Borley Rectory england Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Borley rectory is the most haunted house in England, this house has remained haunted since the day it was created, the tale says that a young couple who was trying to elope was caught and was given capital punishment, and some very strange things are being witnessed after that, such as hand written messages on wall asking for help. The house however was burned down in 1939 but the grounds and the sites remain haunted.

9. Moon river brewery, Georgia:
Moon River Breweg Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Moon river brewery is a pub or bar which is said to be haunted, phenomenon such as floating bottles, guests being pushed, disturbed even slapped are a daily routine things in this pub. Many men have been previously murdered right here in this pub.
8. Berry pomeroy Castle, England:
Berry Pomeroy Castle england Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Berry pomeroy is a very ancient castle in a small village of England, this castle was built in the 15th century, today this castle serves as the most haunted castle of England, most of the castle has now been destroyed but the ruins which is remained of the castle serves as a home to two female ghosts, one of them was starved to death in this very castle by her own jealous sister.
7. Monte Cristo, Australia:
monte cristo australia Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Monte cristo is a double story house on a hill in New south Wales which was built in 1885, the couple who owned the house lived there with their 5 children till 1948, after the husband died the wife (Elizabeth) never left the house except for 2 times, wore only black clothes and rules her house with high hands. The house has seen many mysterious disappearances & deaths of certain employs and caretakers. The current owner of the house is Mr. Reg Ryan; the house is now used as a tourists spot and museum. The team who visited the house for survey told that they have witnessed phantom sounds, animal voices, strange lights and ghostly figures. When asked the owner of the house about the smoking ceremony of Elizabeth, he refused saying that she is very happy here
6. Changi Beach, Japan:
Changi Beach japan Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
This beach is attached to a very bloody event which involves the World War 2, it was on this beach that many innocent people were killed, thousands of Chinese were brutally tortured and tormented there, as a result today this beautiful beach is not known for its beauty but for being haunted. Many floating bodies are often seen floating in the air, headless corpse roaming around and many weird phenomenons.
5. Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls:
screaming tunnel niagara falls Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Screaming tunnel is an abandoned railways tunnel near the Niagara Falls. This tunnel was built during the era of World War 1 but it was never completed, it has remained abandoned since then. The architecture of this tunnel is although very ravishing but it is not at all pleasant; the walls of this tunnel are not at all welcoming and provide a very cold look to its visitors. There are many legends attached to this tunnel which includes the rape of a girl whose body was later burned, death of another girl who was completely on fire and came running to the tunnel to stop the fire but collapsed in the middle of tunnel and burned till death. There is another tale about this tunnel that if you ever lit up a match stick in the tunnel, a blow of wind will silence the fire followed by the scream of a young girl; many individuals also claim that they have seen the ghosts of the girl’s father.
4. High Gate cemetery, London:
Highgate Cemetery london Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
High gate cemetery is the oldest cemetery in London and is the most haunted one, often referred to as the city of the dead, the history of high gate cemetery is filled with many ghost tales which includes a male figure, quite tall & handsome wearing a long black clock, who shows a glimpse and then vanishes in the thin air, another ghost of an old crazy women who has killed his own children, floating ghosts of nun. The people passing by the cemetery witnessed some weird occurring and often notice read growling eyes watching them through the metal bars of the cemetery.
3. Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa:
villicsa axe murder house iowa Top 10 Most Haunted Places in WorldThis is house is situated in a small town of Iowa, this town was once a very beautiful home town with lots of shops, colors, theatre; far from the modern world this town was home to thousands to people but one horrible event which occurred on 10th June 1912 changed the course of this town, a very respectable J.B Moore family of Villaisca along with their two guests were murdered in their own beds within their own house, 100 years have passed but no has yet become able to solve this mystery, it is believed that that the ghosts of the family still lives there, their presence is often felt by the visitors and this house remains as one of the haunted places of world.
2. Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum:
trans allegheny lunatic asylum Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Thomas kirbride And Dorothea dix are the two respectable men who tried to change the fate of those undesired people who were treated as animals, they not only proposed but implemented on some new means of the treatment of the mentally challenged people, they constructed a trans Alleghany asylum whose architecture was very unique, they believed that the carved pictures on the wall and the ventilation would help these patience recovered, the hospital however brought no luck to the mentally challenged people but made their conditions even worse, the patience were tormented emotionally, sexually as well as physically by the staff, the number of deaths increased which also brought a rise in the unpleasant events, weird sounds, cries of people & animal, orbs of lights. By 2007, the hospital which had the capacity of 250 people had 2400 mental patients, the hospital was shut down but the place still remains haunted, these days the building is used as a tourist spot, horror parties and fund raising programs.
1. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland:
edinburgh castle Top 10 Most Haunted Places in World
Edinburgh castle, which is the most haunted place of Scotland, was built in the 12th century and served as a military fortress, the castle stands between the sea & hills, this castle has seen many executions, wars, attacks, deaths, murders and a lot of bloodshed, the walls of this castle bears the silence of those unlucky people whose souls were unwillingly & brutally ripped apart from their bodies, the dungeon of this castle has endured the screams of the prisoners and the disappearance of those unlucky lucky people whose existence was amalgamated into the walls. The humans who visit the Edinburgh castle claims that they have felt the presence of someone, they feels as if someone unseen is touching them, they complain about the headless drummer and phantom piper and many other things, Edinburgh castle today stands as a tourist point in the grounds of Edinburgh.

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