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Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever-Torturing Methods

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Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever-Torturing Methods

Capital Punishment is a process of punishing a person where a person is put to death for his/her sins. It is a legal process and this decision has to be taken by the capital justice. Some of us are completely unaware of to what extent and limit , a Punishment of a crime can cross. We can’t even think about such brutal punishment. The worst and totally unexpected possible  capital punishments ever in the entire world are–


necklacing Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This type of punishment was mostly followed in South Africa few years ago. Necklacing is a type of capital punishment  in which a rubber tyre  is completely filled with gasoline and then this tyre is  forced over the arms and chest of the culprit and then being set on fire. Necklacing essentially causes the body to be turned into a melted mess.This type of punishment  has also occurred  in Brazil and Haiti.


slicing Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This form of punishment is generally known for slow execution to death that is why it is also known as Slow Slicing. The death of a person is described by more than thousands of cuts  due to slicing. In this type of execution the torturer cuts the body of the culprit into several different pieces in such a way that the life of the victim increases with the decrease in the body part along with the increase in the unforgettable pain.The torturer took out flesh from the victim’s body with a sharp knife. This form of  punishment worked on mainly three levels : a public humiliation, a slow and painful death, and a punishment after death. A punishment after death can be understood as the victim’s body will still tortured afterlife.


buried Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This punishment was adopted back years in B.C . In this method , a single individual or a group of individual may be sentenced for this punishment . Due to shortage of oxygen for few minutes leads to brain damage like Coma, Paralysis and when the limit of staying without oxygen keeps on decreasing ie  after 3- 4 minutes , finally the victim died. This type of punishment was given to the victim who used to violate the rules of the respective government. The victim is firstly tied  up and then placed in a hole or a hole may be digged out and buried. One of the most recent and paining use of this form of execution was the Nanjing Massacre during World War II. During this period  the   groups of Chinese civilians were buried alive by the  Japanese soldiers.


scaphism Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
It is a Persian method of execution of the victim.In this method of punishment the culprit is stripped completely and naked and the victim is then placed in the trunk of the tree with only the hands, head and feet above the surface. The victims are then forced to ingest milk and honey until they develop severe diarrhea . The entire skin is then submitted to the insects by applying honey all over the body . They were  then left to float on a stagnant pond freely . The attracted insects then try to eat and breed within the exposed  skin of the victim and cling the victim’s body . Finally the victim is freed after long two weeks ie Death generally comes in 1-2 weeks and the victim is unable to do anything for more than 1 week except  Squirming . The symptoms of death mainly occurs due to combined  dehydration, starvation and septic shock.


breaking wheel Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
The Breaking wheel method  was used throughout the medieval age and was first originated in Greece.It is also known as Catherine Wheel. The Wheel killed the victim but very slowing,  a painful death.This method was later adapted in France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Romania and US also. It is device with a huge amount of spokes and is made up of large wooden material. The victim is made to tied on spokes and the wheel slowly revolves . The moment it revolves , the victim got a hit by an iron hammer through which the bones of the victim could easily break.The victim is beaten till the spoke of wheel is completely broken into more than one pieces. Once he is more than half dead ie his bones are completely broken, he is then served as food on the top for the birds , or he is left on the wheel for complete death.


flaying Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
Flaying is a brutal method of execution in which a person’s skin is removed with the help of a very sharp knife. The victim was  tied, stretched with both of their hands behind the head and feet were tied together to successfully complete the punishment through Flaying. The skin is piled from the top of head and the process is much painful and slower . This process is much painful and  sometimes the prisoner died too early before the completion of punishment ie before completely peeling out of the skin. The skin is typically peeled in public place for all to see.


HanHANGINGDRAWING AND QUARTERING Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This form of punishment is the most common and brutal form of punishment and execution  mainly in England. This form of punishment started in 1814 and this form leads to death of more than thousands of victims . This form of punishment was applied only to the males ie men and not for the women. For women ,they were burnt at the stake. As the method consist of three names so the process of the punishments starts as follows – Firstly, the victim is tied to the wooden frame also known as hurdle and then he is brought and dragged to the place where he will be getting the  punishments of his sin.  Then after dragging , he is hanged for a short interval till he is near to death. After then he is brought down from the noose  followed by castration and then the entrails are removed from the abdomen and then burned in the front of the victim’s eye. At this point the victim is still alive. Finally the dead body is quartered and beheaded ie partitioned into 4 separate parts  and are placed in various place in the city of England as to reduce the crime by giving warnings to others by placing the separate parts.


boiling Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This method was used in Russia earlier some 3100 yrs ago. In this method, generally the butcher  is placed on a hot boiling liquid vessel or in a cold liquid vessel which then is made hot through boiling and  put on fire. The liquid could be any one of water, acid, oil, etc. This is one of the slowest and much painful type of capital punishment ever. One such victim of such brutal capital punishment was  Richard Roose (or Rouse), Bishop’s John Fisher cook. He was boiled to death in 1531 and his sin was that he poisoned the soup which was served to Bishop and some of his guest. Somehow Bishop survived but his guest died of poisoning.


bull 281x300 Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This form of punishment is also known as Sicilian Bull because this form was first proposed in the city of Akgragas of Silcy from a metal worker named  Perilous of Athens in the 6th century. It is one of the cruelest methods of torture and execution.It became the  most common methods of punishments  in Greece at that time. A Bull was designed by casting the solid brass with a  door on the side for the entry of the victim and the bull shape solid brass  was designed to accommodate  one person to fit inside. The culprit is first placed inside the brass bull and then it is set to fire then in order to roast him till death. The fire continue to  heat up the bull until and unless the metal becomes yellow. In the head of the bull , the metal worker adjust  a  series of tubes and stops which are used to amplify the screams of the victim during fire into “bull roar sounds”  and the  nose of the bull is such designed that the  smoke from the burning body would be expelled through its nose. The man is then removed from the bull.


sawing Top 10 Worst Forms of Capital Punishment Ever Torturing Methods
This method of execution generally takes place in Europe and Asia. The victim’s were hanged  up and then a pointed  large saw was used to cut the body of the victim’s into two parts starting from the grain extended upto head. Since during hung of the body is upside down ie from the body is hanged with legs on the top and head down fall. When the pointed saw cuts the body into half , reaching the brain/head then there occurs continuous and severe bleeding from the head and  then the  saw eliminates  the major blood vessels of the abdomen. It becomes difficult for the torturers to continuous move the saw up to down and vice versa because of the movement of the body. This problem was then overcome by the Chinese positioning the victim between two boards which are  firmly fixed between stakes held and driven deep into the ground.

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