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MS Dhoni hits a gigantic six as the ball goes out of Stadium !!!

On : 07:38
As they say, form is temporary and class is permanent, it was evident for yet another time as former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni came back to some run-scoring form in the 16th match of Vivo IPL 10 between Rising Pune Supergiant and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Dhoni was due for a big score after failing to make a mark in the first 4 encounters. In addition to that RPS lost their last 3 games which added to their misery.
Speculations have been going on regarding the batting position of MS Dhoni ever since the flamboyant Jharkhand lad was removed from the captaincy duties. In the first 4 matches, he came out pretty late in the innings with RPS already struggling and failed to play his natural game. He wasn’t timing the ball and looked rusty in all of the 4 matches.
As the law of averages say that a man missing out in the first 4 matches is expected to perform the next time around, it was exactly what we witnessed from the cool customer. He came out in the middle at the fall of Rahul Tripathi’s wicket and wasn’t able to time the ball perfectly. He wasn’t hitting the middle of the bat which added to the frustration of Dhoni.
Meanwhile, RPS got off to a good start and after the fall of two wickets, Dhoni and Smith came out to bail RPS out of the precarious situation. The partnership was slowly building as both started accumulating runs. The talking point of the innings came in the final delivery of the 14th over as MSD came dancing down the track to deposit Yuzvendra Chahal over the long on region for a gigantic six.

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